Top 10 Website Design Companies & developers in East London

We bring you the top website design companies and developers that are located in East London South Africa. Get a Website Design quote from all.

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Top 10 Website Design Companies East London

We bring you the top website design companies and developers that are located in East London South Africa. Get a website Design quote from all.

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The Online Marketer – Web Design Company East London

East London

Web Design East London Back in the day we would take our company brochure to our web designer and we would tell them to turn it into a website. One would have a good laugh these days if we think back to those times. These days, Google favours websites that are full of new, original content. When we look for a product or service on the internet, we do not necessarily know the names of the companies that offer these services. We would merely just type into Google “Restaurants” and most times followed by the location you are in such as “East London”. This, unfortunately, is where business’s fail. The Online Marketer, which is based in East London South Africa, specialises in website design and development. We are known for getting our clients onto the front page of Google for their products or services, using keywords specially researched by us,...

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Inline Studio – Web Design Company East London

East London

WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT BRANDING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, WEB DESIGN, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, MOTION GRAPHICS & ANIMATION Inline Studio is a design company based in East London, South Africa. We specialize in web design, social media marketing, animation, motion graphics, corporate identity, advertising, branding and print media. Inline Studio is extremely customer orientated and we work with companies both locally and Intenationally. We design and build responsive HTML5, CCS3 & JavaScript websites. More and more people are using the Internet to search for goods and services, as a result websites have become one of the key tools for marketing and getting your name out there. Give customers a chance to find you online, research about your company, and build relationships with you on the web. Our websites are clean, responsive on all devices, and personalized just for your business.

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Aidah creative enterprise – Web Design Company East London

East London

If you are looking for a custom website design then you have come to the right place,its our commitment here at Aidah creative enterprise, will make your business stand out from the rest of other business online with fully customised branding and content designed just for you. If you're looking for a professional, world-class website that's custom-tailored for your business then look no further. Aidah creative enterprise dedicates itself both creatively and experience into designing your website. We will ensure that your website is easy to navigate and appealing by using colours and columns effectively, We make sure that the welcome page also homepage is the perfect storefront podium to showcase your unique content or product. Aidah creative enterprise websites are developed to be user friendly, easy to navigate and quick to load which is all achieved by applying specific user friendly Design elements, we will ensure your professional image on the web by...

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OPENFORM – Web Design Company East London

East London

WEB DESIGN AND DIGITAL MEDIA Is your website working for you? Is your business linked to social media platforms? Can your customers shop online? Change the way your business grows. OPENFORM creates compelling digital experiences, driven by the best-in-class CMS, to connect people favorably to your brand - from a necessary web presence to a sophisticated, highly functional e-commerce website linked to social media platforms.

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Web Surge – Website Design Company East London

East London

  WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY IN EAST LONDON, SOUTH AFRICA | WEB DEVELOPMENT | WEB DESIGN, WEB SURGE Welcome to Web Surge, an award winning website design and web development company based in East London, South Africa with a main focus of web design, website design and web development services for our corporate and private clients in East London and throughout South Africa. Web Surge provides an effective solution when it comes to your online identity by bringing your website and business up to speed with the latest cutting edge website design trends, elements and techniques available on the market to spark creativity with brilliance in design innovation and a solid and compelling online search presence with our Search Engine Optimization skills. With extensive knowledge of the website design and web development industry you can be confident that the final product will exceed your expectations. We are listed in the South African website design company...

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New Perspective Design – Web Design Company East London

East London

  New Perspective Design - Web Design Company East London Web Development at its Best Here at New Perspective Design - Web Design Company East London, we deliver first-class Web Design and digital marketing services to all East London, Eastern Cape businesses, whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur with a budding startup or an established business run by an industry leader. Our East London, Eastern Cape Web Design team has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding when working with local and national businesses, meaning we can turn any idea into an actuality. Whether our customers require a basic website to launch their business or need an updated website to abide by Google’s latest algorithm changes, we here at New perspective Web Design East London, Eastern Cape can help transform your Web Design vision into a reality. We deliver high-quality web solutions, fixated on producing a business’s desired results; our team...

Closed Now! – Web Design Company East London

East London Our creative team of web design specialists makes us one of the leading digital agencies in London. As well as creating stunning web designs, we like to extend our offerings in a complete digital marketing procedure, including: Web development services Mobile App build/design Search engine optimisation Content marketing PPC Our award-winning team of digital marketing experts have vast experience within all sectors and have strengthened countless business websites over the years. It’s time to let us help you excel in the digital world. Web Design East London The first process within our web design service is consulting with you directly regarding your needs and most importantly, your business. We create bespoke designs that help captivate the attention of your intended audience, helping you maximise conversions and increase engagement on your website. All of our web designers are based in London, allowing for easy communication, whether it’s at your East London...

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East London Web Design – Web Design Company East London

East London

East London Web Design is highly professional joint enterprise betweena Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist - The Don,and a Web Design / HTML Guru - The Meister. Both have over 20 years experience in their respective fields and work in synergy,with the goal of becoming one of the leading web design companies in South Africa,while treating all clients with individual professionalism so we never become a design by numbers type company. We have a practical marketing attitude, creating sites that are highly visual, with strong keypoint text,mobile screen friendly and with links to the various social media platforms.We explain ourselves in straight talk and don’t confuse clients with all the web design jargon. We have a strong code of ethics and make no false promises.We adhere to Google policies and frameworks so your site always remains Google friendly. For a smooth seamless web design experience you are in the right...

Types of web design and development services

Mobile development & design

Mobile web developers will help you realise your design for the mobile platform. Also see the mobile app developers service category. Note that mobile app development and web development, although intricately linked, are different. Web developers typically build websites that display HTML and are intended to run (originally at least) on browsers on desktops. If the website is designed responsively (using a responsive framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation, for example), they will also display correctly on mobile browsers.

An app on the other hand, is exclusively designed to run only on the mobile platform. Startup tip: Unless your idea is a purely app-only idea, start off with a mobile-friendly website before spending substantial money on getting a mobile app developed. Many companies believe they simply must have an app to keep up with the times and while an app is useful for many businesses, for some types of business it makes less sense (think Colgate toothpaste).

User experience/UX designer

UX designers concern themselves with the overall experience of the user. Well versed in web design and process flow, they will conduct a series of tests - usually using prototyping tools - on different devices to ensure users are happy whichever platform they might be using. UX designers are usually used early on in the web development process, as their findings will dictate what the web developer will need to implement to make your ideas come to reality.

Animation developer

These developers usually use programming languages such as Adobe Flash or HTML5 with Javascript to bring your animation ideas to life.

Ideal for dynamic content in the fields of advertising, marketing, games or other applications, animation developers can really make a visual difference to your application. User engagement is shown to increase greatly when presented with interactive designs.

General web design & web development

Whatever your online presence needs may be, web developers and designers are here to help. Whether you need a basic business webpage or a blog, web development experts will listen to your needs and wanted outcomes to produce something that you will be satisfied with.

Tip: Look for a developer with full stack capabilities to ensure they are good at both frontend (HTML) and backend (code running on server which generates HTML) development. This will save  you the trouble of having to first get one person to do a design or theme and then another to make that design work as a website.

How to hire the right web designer or web developer

Technical abilities

Check if the company or expert you are interested in using has any qualifications or education in the area you are looking for. This will tell you whether they have the technical expertise to handle your web design job satisfactorily. 

Previous work & reviews

Check their portfolio for examples of past work they've done. How well does it align with your own needs? Is the quality up to scratch?  Also check their reviews and star ratings left by customers to guage how well they perform - do they meet deadlines and other requirements.